Why Do Celebrities Do These Things?

There are many things celebrities do that we don’t know about but are obviously extraordinary. Perhaps the most incredible and remarkable of these are the kinds of things celebrities perform for the sake of public amusement and applause. However, I believe that the people in the media know more about celebrities and their lives than we do and there is a definite correlation between the publicity stunts celebrities perform and the extent to which the celebrity news coverage will go.

If you’ve ever tried to get to grips with the everyday life of famous people or politicians, then you’ll have heard of some of these kinds of stunts. Famous people like to throw parties in order to let the world know about themselves, and sometimes their family. Famous people, also, are known to live quite extravagant lifestyles, so they always need to be on the move. Sometimes they go places where the media will not go, just to get the story out there.

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Politicians and movie stars also make a point of performing stunts for their own personal affairs and publicity. As a result, the cameras find them everywhere, and the publicity is all about them. Even the smaller role-players in these stories are found everywhere – from news agencies to TV stations to newspapers to magazines, they are all around us. This is really the way the lives of celebrities are talked about in the media.

A lot of the celebrity video clips which are put on the web also highlight a little bit of the public performance which celebrities do, which is available for anyone to see at any time. The same goes for the autobiography and memoirs of famous people. Many of the younger generation also prefer to take a look at these things in the privacy of their own homes. They might find it boring to read about these things in newspapers or magazines.

But why do so many people care about these things? It’s because of the different kinds of humour and entertainment which come from reading these things, or from watching them, or from having them as movies. One reason might be that these are public appearances which they can turn into some kind of performance – either to entertain the masses or to try to raise their public profile in some way.

And that’s something else: that what we see on the television is not really all that different from what they perform in the privacy of their own homes. It’s actually about the same thing. It’s about real-life occasions, which celebrities make part of the world in order to make their lives interesting or to sell tickets to their shows.

So, the whole point of the entire show, the whole purpose, the whole strategy, all comes down to one thing: a well-directed public performance. Of course, the word ‘public’ is not really meant to mean ‘everyone’ as it might seem to, since there are those who never attend anything but private events, but that’s how most of us think of public performance.

So there’s no arguing that the publicity stunts performed by celebrities are some of the biggest sources of interest for people and their fascination with public performances. We’re all interested in knowing who they are, what they’re doing and why.

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