Savannah cat

The Savannah cat craze is real. It started out because Savannahs are a gorgeous golden to tan colored, black spotted cat. They have black spotting and huge ears with long, long legs. In fact, they have the longest legs of any domestic cat in the world. In contrast, their tails are very short, and their heads are small in relation to the body. By explaining the cat, one would think all the pieces don’t fit together well. But in real life, the Savannah cat is a splendid bit of beauty that fills the hearts of thousands of people.

That’s not all though. Once a person buys a Savannah kitten of their own, it seems to become on addiction. They want to own another because of many reasons. If asked to describe their cat, a Savannah owner will talk for a long time. They will explain their intelligence and antics. And will say no other cat compares will never own another breed of cat.

So, what is it that makes their owners so crazy about them? Of course, it begins with their looks. It is a piece of Africa roaming right in their homes. That was the attraction in the beginning and is the main drive to this day.

Yet, there are many Savannah themed groups on Facebook and Instagram. They are where owners congregate to share daily stories. This is what drives the popularity these days.

There is a recent survey of some Savannah owners. It asked to explain what a Savannah cat is.  It turned up some unusual comments. Here are a sampling:

  • Beautiful, crazy.
  • A breed of cat of the most regal description, with the looks of a gorgeous wild cat.
  • A very dog-like cat.
  • My soul mate.
  • Into everything.
  • Long, lean, spotted cat that is too smart for its own good.
  • Goofy, loving, smart, nosy, helpful. Knows what he wants and communicates it to me. Bed hog.
  • Talkative cat-dog.
  • Beautiful, spotted cat that can ‘dog’ better than my dog does.
  • A piece of wild in my home and in my heart.
  • Talkative, loyal, cat-dog.
  • A three-year-old after eating a family-sized bag of Oreos dipped in pure cane sugar.
  • Best friend
  • An addictive substance
  • A kitty with a nuclear, alpha personality. Beautiful and regal in appearance.
  • A domestic cat with a recent ancestor that is a serval. They are beautiful and love to engage people. They are very intelligent. It’s like having a preputial two-year-old in a spotted fur coat.
  • Dog-cat.
  • A dog trapped in a cat’s body.
  • No matter what generation, each one is different and unique. You don’t own a Savannah cat, it owns you. More dog like.
  • Social, energetic and bonds deeply with their person.
  • A magnificent and mystical gift from nature.
  • A dog in a cat’s body that looks like a cheetah and pees in a litter box.
  • A very smart two-and-a-half-year-old in a fur coat.

The very last has been saved for last and says it all. A fun-loving, very-intelligent, energetic cat that has a dog-like personality.  A Savannah cat loves to play in the water and is spunky. They love to hang out with you on your shoulder or lap. Thee will follow you everywhere. Savannahs will want to go to the bathroom with you. Not to mention they love to take a shower with you. No privacy with a Savannah. They must know what you are always doing, and they own you.

Now, doesn’t that make you want a Savannah cat?

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